India Bet Shop

The shop is no longer avaialable, check the prize page.

1xBet offers a wide range of sports betting options and casino games. It is one of the best cricket betting sites in India, offering convenient deposit methods, a user-friendly betting platform, and live betting features.

The India Bet shop was where you used to claim prizes when winning draws and collecting stars on OG India Bet. Future prizes on India Bet will be claimable at the time of winning and India Bet League winners will be announced in Discord and on our news page.

Shop History

India Bet has been around for over a decade now and back in the early days we had an amazing shop, sending out gifts as soon as we could package them up. If you could play enough on India Bet you could save enough stars to get something good!

Unfortunaly all the users got good... Soon enough there were a lot of people winning prizes and well, that was the end of our early expiriments with India Bet and exponential prize giving. We know a lot of the OG players are still around and this time was amazing to behold.

Even after moving to a more manageable prize draw system, India Bet continued to give away 100s of mobile phones and 1000s of other mechanide items of various usefulness! We still have some of the USB drives in the office, going strong.

India Bet is now ready to move onto the next stage of it's evolution and that involves using digital technology to deliver prizes in a handy and efficient way. Our aim is to give you a fair betting experience without risk, that gives you a fair chance of winning prizes of real value, if you have sufficient skill.

Future Prizes

Read more about our plans for prizes in the new India Bet League.

Anyone who rememebers the shop on India Bet has been with us a long time, those were the days! Check our Discord for future #announcements.

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