Guide for popular sports to bet on in India. We cover the major sports including cricket, football and fantasy sports while giving some insight into less popular betting options such as kabaddi and esports. We talk about history, betting strategies, essential guides and how to do your own research amongst other things.

Esports betting offers 24/7 opportunities with unique markets and higher returns for those with game knowledge and strategic approach in India.

Cricket betting involves understanding the game, rules, and strategies. Test matches are for patience and ODIs for balance. T20s are for fast scoring and risks.

Successful football betting requires understanding the game, strategies, and odds. Form, head-to-head records, home advantage, and team news influence strategy.

The traditional Indian sport of Kabaddi has surged in popularity thanks to exciting professional leagues and offers captivating betting opportunities.

Maximise your cricket betting returns by understanding the game, researching, exploring markets, managing finances, finding value, controlling emotions, and staying disciplined.

Beyond cricket's dominance, football, kabaddi, badminton, wrestling, boxing, hockey, and chess are gaining popularity in India, shaping a diverse sporting landscape.

Maximise esports betting success in India with strategic research on teams, gameplay, odds, and betting strategies for informed decisions.

Live betting on cricket offers excitement and dynamic odds but requires discipline, pre-match research, and watching the match to avoid pitfalls.

Cricket's history in India: From colonial beginnings to the rise of online betting and the ongoing debate about legalization.

Esports is rapidly emerging as a popular betting alternative to cricket in India, offering diverse, year-round betting opportunities and appealing to a new generation.

Explore cricket's evolution in India from colonial origins to a national obsession, highlighting its cultural impact, historical milestones, and transformative figures.

Fantasy cricket betting has taken India by storm, combining the love for cricket with the thrill of fantasy sports. It offers a unique blend of strategy, engagement, and winning rewards.