India Bet Shop

India Bet Shop

The India Bet Shop is making a return with a few changes of course! Instead of letting you directly purchase prizes with your stars, you will still need to enter prize draws. However, unlike the main site these are exclusive prize draws which are open to only level 20+ players and have very high star costs.

You can only purchase 1 entry into these prize draws and you can also purchase insurance (using IBR), which allows you to get back your stars even if you lose.

Exclusive Draw Timetable (subject to change)

  • Weekly - India Bet Merchandise Draw (52 a year)
  • Monthly - Budget Mobile Phone Draw (12 a year)
  • Every 2 Months - Mid Range Mobile Phone Draw (6 a year)
  • Every 3 Months - Flagship Mobile Phone Draw (4 a year)

Exclusive Draw Rules (subject to change)

  • Exclusive draws are only available to level 20+ users (some draws are restricted to higher levels)
  • Only 1 ticket can be purchased per draw by each user.
  • If a user wins then they are stopped from purchasing tickets for the next draw of that type (time varies)
  • All winners will undergo extra KYC checks to ensure fairness.
  • Ticket boosts and other offers do not apply to exclusive draws.
  • Your stars used to purchase the exclusive draw ticket are refunded according to the type of insurance you have.

The India Bet Shop is still being developed and as such all of the information above is subject to change.

We are aiming to launch the new shop in January 2018, so start saving your stars now!

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