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Now you can download the India Bet App so you can run it seperately on your phone!

India Bet Pro (APK)
  • 3000 IBR Download Bonus
  • 500 IBR Daily Login Bonus
  • 4MB Download
  • Win Betting Vouchers
  • Gambling Related Content
  • Download APK
Google Play App
  • No Download Bonus
  • No IBR Daily Login Bonus
  • 23MB Download
  • No Betting Vouchers
  • No Gambling Related Content
  • Get from Google Play
  • A one off bonus of 3000 IBR for downloading the India Bet Pro APK and logging in
  • Get an extra 500 IBR bonus for logging into India Bet Pro every day
  • Smaller download from 23MB down to 4MB.
  • Ability to purchase betting voucher tickets and view gambling related content *
  • Access to leaderboards and competitions which have gambling related prizes *

* Gambling content is not allowed on the Google Play Store therefore for the full India Bet experience you should download the India Bet Pro App below.

Download Now

All features apart from the extra IBR bonuses are available in the India Bet mobile website.


India Bet users who download the APK version below get a 3000 IBR one off bonus, a daily 500 IBR bonus and access to gambling related content.

Download Now

Users who do not want to download an APK can use the mobile website or the India Bet Official app on the Google Play Store. No extra IBR bonuses are given to Google Play app store users (usual reload bonuses are still given).

Please remember that no gambling content is allowed on Google Play so any leaderboard, competition or prize draw which offers gambling related prizes in any form will not be available on the Google Play app.
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