Making Sports Betting Accessible for Everyone

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All players, regardless of their abilities, should be able to enjoy the thrill and entertainment of betting, just like any other hobby or pastime. This brings us to an important question: how well does the Indian betting ecosystem cater to disabled bettors?

Current State

India has made considerable strides in acknowledging and acting on the rights and needs of its disabled citizens. However, when it comes to the world of betting, there remains much work to be done. Most online betting platforms are not built with accessibility features catering to the needs of disabled individuals. This can be due to a lack of awareness or perceived demand, despite India being home to a substantial number of disabled individuals who have an equal interest in activities like sports betting.

Accessibility Features

An accessible online betting platform should incorporate several key features:

  • Visual Impairments: For users with visual impairments, platforms should offer alternative text for images, compatibility with screen readers, resisable text, and contrast options.
  • Hearing Impairments: For users with hearing impairments, any audio content should be accompanied by closed captions or transcriptions.
  • Mobility and Motor Skills: For users with mobility issues or fine motor skills difficulties, ensuring that the platform can be navigated entirely using a keyboard or voice commands is essential.

Regulatory Bodies

Regulatory bodies play a significant role in ensuring that betting platforms become more accessible. They should stipulate and enforce accessibility as a core part of their licensing requirements. A regulatory approach will incentivise betting companies to invest in making their platforms more accessible to disabled users.


One of the main challenges is awareness. Both betting companies and disabled bettors need to be aware of the possibilities for an accessible betting environment. Workshops, webinars, and inclusion campaigns can educate on the needs of disabled bettors and the potential solutions. Disability organisations can collaborate with betting platforms to raise awareness and bring about necessary changes.


Improving accessibility is not just a regulatory requirement or a moral imperative – it's also a business opportunity. By catering to disabled bettors, betting platforms can tap into a new and largely underserved market. A fully accessible platform has the potential to attract a wider user base, driving user engagement and revenue.

Towards the Future

While we still have a long way to go before we achieve full accessibility in online betting platforms in India, acknowledging the issue is the first step. The push for accessible betting platforms will require collective efforts from regulatory bodies, betting companies, and the wider community. Disabled bettors have every right to participate in the thrill of sports betting. 

It's time for us to level the playing field and make betting an inclusive and accessible pastime for all. As a society, we need to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can enjoy the excitement of sports betting.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the accessibility of our website for disabled bettors in India? Specifically, are there any challenges you are faced with:

  • Screen reader compatibility
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Use of alt text for images
  • Colour contrast and font size
  • Language localisation options
  • Any other accessibility features

We welcome feedback regarding these issues and can be contacted via our discord server.

Let us level the playing field and make betting an inclusive and accessible pastime for all. We all need to ensure that everyone can enjoy the excitement of sports betting.

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