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Updated 21 March 2024

Discord Account

You can follow this guide to open a Discord account but the process is easy, download the app or simply use the Discord website to register and verify your account. Discord is simply a communications app based around communities, once only popular with gamers, now is becoming more popular with nearly 500 million users worldwide.

Joining Discord

This is a step by step guide to joining our Community Discord Server. This is assuming you have signed up for a Discord account and verified your email address. The Discord join links will either load the Discord App (if you have it installed) or a new tab will be opening showing the Discord website.

Join our community Discord server by clicking on one of the links on most pages on India Bet.

Click on the "Accept Invite" button. The Discord app should open up if installed.

Congratulations for joining our Discord server. Click on the rules channel.

Read the community rules and when you are ready click on the arrow to complete joining process.

Make sure that you have verified the email associated with your Discord account and read the rules again.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the box if you agree. Simply click "Complete" to finish.

Choose a channel to come say hello. #betting is the main channel but there are many to choose from.

Discord is just like any other chat app, type what you want to say and hit the blue circle arrow to send!

Hopefully you will get some nice replies, red display names mean they are India Bet staff, be good!

What is this all about?

We have set up the India Bet Discord server to create India's biggest Online Betting Community. We would like you to be part of this! We welcome polite, welcoming and responsible discussions about all aspects of betting in India and most other subjects*. Our server is split up into different channels which will be explained below.

Community Channels

  • #betting: This is our main channel and is for general discussions regarding betting. If you have strategies, tips, questions or just general thoughts about betting then this is the channel for it.

  • #ibl: The India Bet League is free to play betting compeition with prizes which has seasons throughout the year. Though it's not wise you can discus tips and tricks or just your general frustrations about the IBL.

  • #cricket: India's favourite and most played sport, time to get super geeky with that trivia, share news and generally discus the sport you love. Keep the gambling talk to #betting though.

  • #other-sports: If it's not cricket then it belongs in here so anything from kabaddi to football and maybe even some table tennis.

  • #gaming: Almost everyone nowadays is into gaming of some sort, from casual to pro so anything to do with the latest mobile games, PC gaming or console gaming post in here. Remember no links are allowed.

  • #off-topic: Anything else basically, from real life stuff to what movies are out and who watched what on Netflix last night. Do not give out any personal information like where you live, what you do for a living or your name, your privacy and security are important.

India Bet Channels

  • #vip: This channel is restricted to our VIP users. Some very special OG members of India Bet have access to this and we are looking at ways in which regular users can get access by supporting our community, through Patreon or similar services.

  • #support: On the rare chance that you have problems using India Bet or spot an error please talk to us in this channel. Be sure to not post private information about your India Bet account into this channel, wait for an admin to reply to your message and send you a direct message. India Bet admins are in a red colour, do not reply to anyone who is not an official India Bet admin.

  • #suggestions: India Bet is always evolving and although we have lots of stuff already planned to be added to India Bet (signup, India Bet League, reactions), there is always room for improvement. Let us know!

Bookmaker Channels

  • #allbookmakers: We have seperate channels for all of the major bookmakers, most of which have reviews on our website. Keep discussions in these channels to specific bookmakers. This is a not a support channel and we will not be able to solve any issues you have, but there may be other users who can give advice. Do not give our any personal or account information for any bookmaker.

* Please keep conversations to relevant #channels and always abide by the #rules (see below).


The most up to date rules for our Discord server will be listed on the dedicated #rules channel and updates to these rules will be pinged via the #announcements channel.

  • Age Limit: As betting is restricted to those 18 years and above, only users of legal age are allowed to participate in discussions and activities.

  • No Illegal Activities: Betting should always be legal and fair. Sharing or promoting any illegal betting activities or platforms is strictly prohibited.

  • Responsible Betting: Promote responsible betting. Never encourage others to bet more than they can afford to lose.

  • Advertising: Unauthorized advertisements or promotions of other channels, services, or products are not allowed without prior consent from the moderators.

  • English: We must ask that you please use English in our channels.

  • Respect All Members: Ensure you respect all members in the channel, irrespective of their betting experience or expertise. Harassment, discrimination, or hate speech will not be tolerated.

  • Confidentiality: Sharing personal information, such as real names, addresses, phone numbers, or financial details, is strictly prohibited.

  • No False Information: Spreading false or misleading information, such as fake betting tips or odds, is not allowed.

  • Be Relevant: Please keep discussions relevant to the topic of the channel. Off-topic discussions can distract other users.

  • No Spam: Avoid spamming the channel with the same messages or irrelevant content. Such activity will result in immediate action.

  • Profanity and Offensive Content: Usage of profane language and posting explicit or offensive content is not permitted.

  • Respect Moderators: Moderators work hard to keep this community safe and respectful. Please comply with their instructions and respect their decisions.

  • Reporting: If you see someone breaking the rules, please report them to a moderator immediately.

If you break any of these rules then you will be either timed out (various lengths), kicked from the server or banned forever.

The India Bet Discord Community server is your gateway to exciting online betting discussions. Join fellow enthusiasts, share insights, promote responsible gambling, and enrich your betting journey with us. This page guides you through the whole process of creating an account and joining our server.

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