Get More IBR - Stars Matter!

The shop is returning, the more IBR you spend the more stars you get.

Wheel of Fortune
Up to 600 IBR

IBR Spinner
Up to 500 IBR


On our Facebook page we give away IBR & stars daily. 1000 are given to the most active users weekly.


Our Twitter page gives away IBR and Stars every day. Check #IBCode and #IBRiddles plus lots more.


100 IBR is given away to all chat users once per hour. You have to be in chat to receive the bonus.


We try and run daily quizzes in our blogs, you can win up to 8500 IBR by answering one simple question!

Level Up

The best way to get more IBR daily is by levelling up. Bet IBR to gain levels, max daily reload is at lvl 500.

Download India Bet Pro

Get 500 IBR added to your daily login bonus & get a bonus of 3000 IBR for downloading & logging into the app.

Complete Profile

This is an easy one, enter your name, address and date of birth into your profile for a quick 300 IBR.

Change Avatar (Icon)

We like to give you a choice of how you appear to other users. Change your avatar icon for 500 IBR.

Marketing Messages

You are not receiving marketing messages, open your preferences and tick "receive email newsletter".

You are receiving marketing messages already, please check your notifications now.

Refer a Friend

Enter your friend's email address for 100 IBR (when they confirm), alternatively use this referral link.

Thank you for playing with India Bet, if you have done all the above and still have no IBR then please come back tomorrow and you can start again!
IB Code

IB Codes are released on Facebook, Twitter and in chat and all give you IBR instantly, for free!

Convert Stars to IBR
Pay 100 Stars, get 500 IBR

We are sorry, the IBR > Star conversion has been restricted while we launch the new progression system.

Convert Stars
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