India Bet Prizes

Prize and rewards available during the India Bet League.

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India Bet offers registered members the ability to win prizes and digital rewards throughout each season of the India Bet League (IBL), and the top 3 divisions share a cash prize pool*. Rewards (cards) are given for various activities including daily betting, article reactions and many other tasks. One of the * Jackpots can be won by simply logging in daily!

We are currently working towards our digital prize offering with the upcoming launch of the India Bet League by Q3 2024.

Cash Prizes

Some of the best prizes on India Bet such as the 3 main jackpots or the India Bet League top 3 division winners are advertised as cash prizes. For the first season of the IBL (coming soon) the preliminary prizes are as follows:

  • Total prize pool is 10,00,000*.
  • IBL winner receives 1,00,000*
  • India Bet League prize pool is 5,00,000*.
  • The jackpots prize pool is 5,00,000*.

* These cash prizes are advertised in (*) or (INR*) and are paid out in bitcoin (BTC), subject to change, any currency conversion happens at time of transfer. We recommend using a non-custodial crypto wallet to receive prizes from us.

List of divisions and prize pools.

The big jackpots you can win!

Guide to getting a BTC wallet.

Digital Prizes

Collect from a series of over 1000 digital rewards called cards by doing various tasks around India Bet such as reacting to articles and reviews, participating in the India Bet League and more.

What are cards & what do they do?

Although these digital prizes have no monetary value, they are still desirable and useful. Some very rare cards can provide signifanct advantages like IBL pro division promotions and can even give you a unique avatar.

Although there are no prizes currently given away on India Bet, this is changing very soon. Check our Discord for future #announcements.

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