India Bet Cards

Collectable digital rewards, known as #cards.

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India Bet has a number of digital rewards, which you get from completing tasks, called #cards. These cards vary in number and you can collect them individually, or in packs. Each card has a unique number and rarity, ranging from common to ultimate.

These #cards come in various types and rarity and could be extremely useful to you when competing in the India Bet League (IBL), with the ability to hide your bets, get promoted and a number of other things.

Card Types

The #cards below are just some examples of what will be on offer in each India Bet League season.

Cosmetic Cards

The bulk of the #cards on India Bet are cosmetic just so you can express yourself and stand out from the crowd. We have tried to create an interesting mix of avatars and emojis which we think will appeal to a wide range of our players. Avatars are themed and a new set is usually available each new season, we are launching the first India Bet Season with:

  • Pixel Art Avatars: Like the 90s, old skool digital cool!
  • Pop Art Avatars: Our interpretation of the classic 70s pop art style. 
  • Watercolour Avatars: These just look really great and should be popular. 
  • Standard Emoji: Over 30 ways to express how you feel about our content. 

Even though there are a lot of avatars, there are still many #cards that can help you either in the India Bet League or the website generally.

IBL Cards

  1. Camo: Prevents other players seeing your bets in real time.
  2. Rebuy: Rebuy into your current division with free starting IBR.
  3. Spy: See upcoming bets before they are active, allowing research.
  4. Promotion: Provides the ability to skip to the next league.

Misc Cards

  • Luck: Get more #cards.
  • Adblock: Blocks all or select adverts for X minutes.
  • IBR: Stackable IBR vouchers.
  • Jackpot: Hit the Ultimate Jackpot for cash prizes*, set each season.

Card Rarities

There are hundreds if not thousands of #cards but some are rare and therefore more desirable than others. There are 5 rarities of cards though within each rarity, some cards are more rare than others. The rarest #card on India Bet is the Ultimate Jackpot which instantly wins a cash prize*. The cards you get most are the common rarity, however, duplicates should not be a problem, with so many common cards.

  • Common: These #card are the easiest to get, pretty basic.
  • Rare: Something that is just quite good.
  • Epic: Actually pretty good and something to show off.
  • Legendary: Still very rare and some of the best #cards you can get.
  • Ultimate: The absolute best and most useful #card on India Bet.

Rarities work differently depending on the type of card. For avatars, rarity is simply how desirable we think the cards are, ultimate avatars are either really really good or very funny. For the IBL and misc #cards, the rarity simply increases the power of a card, so more time, or a better promotion.

Collect digital rewards called #cards by doing various tasks around India Bet such as reacting to articles and reviews, participating in the India Bet League and more.

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