Black Jack VS

Blackjack Vs

Blackjack Vs is a version of Blackjack where you play against the dealer. In Blackjack Vs two hands are dealt, one to the dealer and one to the player. The person with the better hand wins the game.

Scoring is simple, each card is worth their face value, except Jack, Queens and Kings which are worth 10. An ace can be worth 1 or 11, it will always be used as 11 except when drawn with another ace.

Players bet on who they think will have the better hand - so either on the dealer or the player. They can also bet on there being a draw. The draw is more unlikely but is also paid better at odds of 10/1.

As well as betting on who will win the game, players can also bet on the specific outcome of both the players and the dealer's hand. The odds are longer when betting on this and there is a greater potential for increasing your India Bet Rupee balance.

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