Match 1: Oval Invincibles v Welsh Fire

2020-07-16 17:30:00 - Starts in Started.
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The result of the first ball bowled in the match. Remember, a wicket is not a dot ball.
Dot Ball 1.40Popularity 50%
One 3.50Popularity 20%
Four 5.00Popularity 8%
Two 10.00Popularity 4%
Bye/Leg Bye 15.00Popularity 2%
Wicket 15.00Popularity 5%
Wide 15.00Popularity 3%
No Ball 18.00Popularity 3%
Three 41.00Popularity 3%
Six 67.00Popularity 1%
Five 101.00Popularity 2%
The team that scores the most runs before conceding their first wicket. In a test match this only includes the first two innings.
Oval Invincibles 1.85Popularity 56%
Welsh Fire 1.85Popularity 41%
Draw 34.00Popularity 2%
The method by which the first wicket of the match occurs.
Caught 1.40Popularity 56%
LBW 4.25Popularity 4%
Bowled 4.75Popularity 11%
Run Out 10.00Popularity 7%
Stumped 15.00Popularity 7%
Other 101.00Popularity 15%
The team that runs the other side out more often wins.
Draw 1.80Popularity 21%
Oval Invincibles 2.40Popularity 57%
Welsh Fire 2.40Popularity 21%
The team that wins the toss before the match wins.
Oval Invincibles 1.85Popularity 61%
Welsh Fire 1.85Popularity 39%
Will a 50 be scored by an individual player in the match.
Yes 1.28Popularity 91%
No 3.25Popularity 9%
Will 100 runs be scored by an individual player in the match.
No 1.03Popularity 73%
Yes 9.00Popularity 27%
Cricket / The Hundred

Match: Oval Invincibles v Welsh Fire

Event: The Hundred 2020

Venue: Kennington Oval, London

Date: 17th July, 2020

Time: 23:00 IST , 17:30 UTC

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