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India Bet has been going strong for over 5 years now and employs many staff in our office in Andheri, Mumbai. We are continuously expanding so keep an eye on our jobs pages if you want to join us!


India Bet Founder - George Oborne has run India Bet since it's incarnation in April 2012. George graduated from Newcastle University in 2011 with a first class degree in Geography. George is a big cricket fan, but also watches a lot of boxing, football and horse racing. He regularly visits India, where he is always keen to meet India Bet players. George is currently studying for his MBA in Paris but is hopeful he will return to India soon!


Director, Office Manager - A lot of you know Harshit as Harry M. Born and Bred in Andheri, Mumbai, he is one of the offices biggest cricket fans (and that's saying something!). He is in charge of all aspects of the Indian office and reports directly to George and the other directors. Harshit is one of the most dedicated members of India Bet and we would not be in the position we are in without him.


Director, Developer - Mikey has been with India Bet since the beginning and is one of its lead designers and developers. After years of development, Mikey has moved into a director position, as well as still doing the odd bit of development when needed. Mikey works closely with George and Harshit to move India Bet forward in a positive way for all.. Mikey is best friends with Phil and they spend most nights playing PC games!


Operations Manager - Karthik joined India Bet in June 2014 and was one of the first players to join the site. You might know him best as Kar23 and he rose up to his current position after being an excellent mod in the chat room. Look out for his cricket blogs, they often have some excellent tips in them. A self professed irresponsible gambler, he still thinks he might have a chance of one day opening for India.


Development Manager - Along with Mikey, Phil helped to create India Bet and turned it into what it is today. Phil is extremely into all aspects of technology with a huge fondness for the Internet in general and specifically has a love for PC gaming. Always dependable and usually happy, everyone enjoys working with Phil!


Risk Manager (Operations) - Kalpesh joined India bet back in July 2014 but you might know him better as KD. He knows the KYC system back to front so if you send in a photo to the verification system then he will see it. When people submit their IDs they don't always send their PAN card and he's seen a few odd things in his time! The office tipster, he has a penchant for the favourite and shouldn't be crossed if there has been an upset.


Distribution Manager (Operations) - Mathew has been working for India Bet since December 2014. He's in charge of all things soccer so you can thank him for all of the soccer updates on the site. A soccer fan and player himself, he follows Argentina on the international scene but is often ribbed for his glory supporting of Manchester United in the office.


Administrator (Operations) - Yash joined the India Bet team in March 2017. Being a commerce graduate, his deep dived passion for tennis magnetised him towards India Bet. He handles the user supports & adds tennis events . Apart from this, he enjoys mimicking people, specially his favourite actor SRK! P.S : We at India Bet call him Chota SRK.


Administrator (Operations) - Vaacha joined the India Bet team recently to show off her skills in the Operations Department. Not being a cricket fan, she looks after all the other games which are played on the website and help users to get updates on the other matches as well and place them their bets just for fun.


Distribution (Operations) - Ravi joined the India Bet's team in June 2015. His love for sports especially cricket is the key reason behind the roll he plays at India Bet .He is the one who packs your awaited gifts & also takes care of all the odd jobs! The smile on his face never washes off irrespective of the workload.


Assistant (Marketing) - Siddhi joined the young India Bet's team in May 2017. She is the face and mind behind all that you see on our social networks. So now you know who replies to all your messages and comments! She has not only worked with a lot of renowned advertising agencies but also has bagged a couple of degrees in her field. Siddhi's passion for learning and exploring landed her here at India Bet!

Other India Bet Staff

  • Kaushal (Administrator - Operations)
  • Paranjoy (Freelancer)
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