India Bet Staff

India Bet has been going strong for over 3 years now and employs 10+ staff in our office in Andheri, Mumbai. We are continuously expanding so keep an eye on our jobs pages if you want to join us!


George Oborne has run India Bet since it's incarnation in April 2012. George graduated from Newcastle University in 2011 with a first class degree in Geography. George is a big cricket fan, but also watches a lot of boxing, football and horse racing. He regularly visits India, where he is always keen to meet India Bet players. He can be seen in the videos across the site in both the help videos and the betting previews.


A lot of you know Harshit as Harry M. Born and Bred in Andheri, Mumbai, he is one of the offices biggest cricket fans (and that's saying something!). He is in charge of the prizes and spends his life dealing with the hundreds of users supports that come in each day. Helping out with development, he likes to pester George, Michael and Phil to make sure the site keeps up top date.


Anup is an India Bet old hand and is the office computer technician. There isn't anything about computers that Anup doesn't know. We are very thankful for this and he has got the internet going again more times than Ishant Sharma has bowled a wide. He is not always around because he is now back at University doing further computer studies but when he is you can be sure there will be a smile on his face.


Karthik joined India Bet in June 2014 and was one of the first players to join the site. You might know him best as Kar23 and he rose up to his position after being an excellent mod in the chat room. Look out for his cricket blogs, they often have some excellent tips in them. A self professed irresponsible gambler, he still thinks he might have a chance of one day opening for India.


Kalpesh joined India bet back in July 2014 but you might know him better as KD. He knows the KYC system back to front so if you send in a photo to the verification system then he will see it. When people submit their IDs they don't always send their PAN card and he's seen a few odd things in his time! The office tipster, he has a penchant for the favourite and shouldn't be crossed if there has been an upset.


Jaydeep joined the India Bet team in November 2014, Jaydeep is one of the newest members of the team. Also from Mumbai, Jaydeep never misses a Mumbai Indians match and can always be relied upon to do a shift for the in-play. He is a high class snooker player (his record break currently stands at 54) and has been known to have a soft spot for Teen Patti.


Mathew has been working for India Bet since December 2014. He's in charge of all things soccer so you can thank him for all of the soccer updates on the site. A soccer fan and player himself, he follows Argentina on the international scene but is often ribbed for his glory supporting of Manchester United in the office.


Saurabh is our latest recruit and joined in January 2015. Recently graduated from a Computer Engineering course he is beginning to get to grips with how India Bet works. As you might expect, he is a big cricket fan and will always have one eye on the telly when the Indian team are playing. New to the world of gambling, Saurabh keeps his money in his pocket and only plays for fun on India Bet.


Dwayne is our head of editorial content and is responsible for all of the blogs, newsletters and betting previews on the site. He's studied around the world, from the US to Dubai and is now a student in Bandra. A big sports fan and has played cricket at a national level, even touring Sri Lanka after being coached by the likes of Tauseef Ahmed and Sandeep Naik. 

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