So, after an amazing World Cup and an incredible start to the IPL, Harshit and I sat down together over a beer and asked each other the following questions. How can we thank our most loyal players? How can we make the IPL even better than the World Cup?

We had done all the usual things, boosts, in-plays, flash draws but we wanted to do more. Especially for those users that have been loyal to India Bet and part of the community for a long time.

So, after one more beer, we thought "how about we give away some tickets to the IPL?". But that was logistically a bit tough so instead we came up with the following.

If you go to the IPL wearing an India Bet T-Shirt, then we'll reimburse the cost of your ticket*.

Here are the rules:

1. Go to any IPL game wearing an India Bet T-Shirt.

2. Click a picture of yourself at the match.

3. Send us the picture plus a receipt of your ticket.

4. We'll pay you back for your ticket!

Now, there are a few conditions - because people can be a bit crafty sometimes.

1. We'll reimburse up to 1,000INR. If you go for the luxury seats then that is at your cost ;)

2. Only one match per person. We don't want to be paying for a someone's season ticket!

3. Groups are ok though - in fact they're encouraged, so do go with your friends!

4. We will have rights to the pictures and can use them for marketing.

5. We reserve the right to revoke the promotion or change the terms at any time (just in case we haven't thought of something - but we'll let you know if we do and hope we don't have to)...

New T-Shirts

And on top of all this, we thought the same old t-shirts were getting a bit old, so we have commissioned our friend Kanika Dave to design a new T-Shirt for India Bet. We're hoping for something trendy and cool and will be updating the site with a blog when the new T-Shirt launches!