FA Cup Final: Manchester City vs Wigan

2013-05-11 16:15:00 2013-05-09 10:36:00 Started
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Soccer: The result of the match after 90 minutes (including injury time).
Tennis: Player that progresses to the next round (Bets void if no tennis is played).
Cricket (Twenty20): The Winner Wins! In Twenty20 the super over decides the winner.
Manchester City 1.30Popularity 88%
Draw 4.25Popularity 4%
Wigan 8.00Popularity 8%
Soccer: The match score at the end of 90 minutes (including injury time).
Manchester City 1-0 7.00Popularity 11%
Manchester City 2-0 5.50Popularity 22%
Manchester City 2-1 8.00Popularity 22%
Manchester City 3-0 8.00Popularity 22%
Manchester City 3-1 9.00Popularity 11%
Manchester City 3-2 20.00Popularity 0%
Manchester City 4-0 13.00Popularity 11%
Manchester City 4-1 15.00Popularity 0%
Manchester City 4-2 28.00Popularity 0%
Manchester City 4-3 51.00Popularity 0%
Manchester City 5-0 18.00Popularity 0%
Draw 0-0 12.00Popularity 0%
Draw 1-1 9.00Popularity 0%
Draw 2-2 15.00Popularity 0%
Draw 3-3 45.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 1-0 14.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 2-0 30.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 2-1 20.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 3-0 80.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 3-1 40.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 3-2 40.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 4-0 100.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 4-1 75.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 4-2 70.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 4-3 100.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 5-0 151.00Popularity 0%
Wigan 5-1 101.00Popularity 0%
Correctly predict the match result at the end of the first half and also at full time.
Manchester City/Manchester City 1.60Popularity 50%
Manchester City/Draw 15.00Popularity 17%
Manchester City/Wigan 23.00Popularity 0%
Draw/Manchester City 4.00Popularity 33%
Draw/Draw 7.00Popularity 0%
Draw/Wigan 14.00Popularity 0%
Wigan/Manchester City 17.00Popularity 0%
Wigan/Draw 14.00Popularity 0%
Wigan/Wigan 13.00Popularity 0%
Soccer: Will there be more or less than 1.5 goals after 90 minutes (plus injury time).
Over 1.5 1.14Popularity 100%
Under 1.5 3.00Popularity 0%
Soccer: Will there be more or less than 2.5 goals after 90 minutes (plus injury time).
Over 2.5 1.45Popularity 60%
Under 2.5 1.90Popularity 40%
Soccer: Will there be more or less than 3.5 goals after 90 minutes (plus injury time).
Under 3.5 1.40Popularity 50%
Over 3.5 2.30Popularity 50%
Soccer / FA Cup

WEMBLEY, ENGLAND- This should be a thrilling FA cup final between two teams who occupy both ends of the league table. While the Blues are looking to guarantee their second place position, the Lattics are struggling to evade the relegation zone. The last time the two teams played, Man City managed to get an simple win. The expectation is that they'll cruise by here. Having said that, the FA cup Wigan are quite a different prospect from the Premier League Wigan. Maybe they could pull off another shocking triumph. The match starts on the 11th May at 16:15 UTC.

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