Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid

2013-05-17 19:30:00 2013-05-17 15:01:00 Started
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Soccer: The result of the match after 90 minutes (including injury time).
Tennis: Player that progresses to the next round (Bets void if no tennis is played).
Cricket (Twenty20): The Winner Wins! In Twenty20 the super over decides the winner.
Real Madrid 1.40Popularity 81%
Draw 4.00Popularity 7%
Atletico Madrid 5.20Popularity 11%
Soccer: The match score at the end of 90 minutes (including injury time).
Real Madrid 1-0 7.00Popularity 9%
Real Madrid 2-0 6.50Popularity 11%
Real Madrid 2-1 7.00Popularity 32%
Real Madrid 3-0 9.50Popularity 11%
Real Madrid 3-1 9.50Popularity 13%
Real Madrid 3-2 13.00Popularity 5%
Real Madrid 4-0 15.00Popularity 2%
Real Madrid 4-1 14.00Popularity 2%
Real Madrid 4-2 17.00Popularity 2%
Real Madrid 4-3 31.00Popularity 2%
Real Madrid 5-0 26.00Popularity 2%
Real Madrid 5-1 21.00Popularity 0%
Real Madrid 5-2 41.00Popularity 0%
Real Madrid 5-3 101.00Popularity 0%
Real Madrid 5-4 201.00Popularity 0%
Draw 0-0 13.00Popularity 2%
Draw 1-1 7.00Popularity 2%
Draw 2-2 11.00Popularity 0%
Draw 3-3 24.00Popularity 0%
Draw 4-4 67.00Popularity 0%
Draw 5-5 101.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 1-0 15.00Popularity 2%
Atletico Madrid 2-0 21.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 2-1 13.00Popularity 4%
Atletico Madrid 3-0 41.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 3-1 26.00Popularity 2%
Atletico Madrid 3-2 24.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 4-0 101.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 4-1 51.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 4-2 51.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 4-3 51.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 5-0 101.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 5-1 101.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 5-2 101.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 5-3 101.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid 5-4 201.00Popularity 0%
Any Other Score 8.00Popularity 0%
Correctly predict the match result at the end of the first half and also at full time.
Real Madrid/Real Madrid 1.80Popularity 12%
Real Madrid/Draw 11.00Popularity 0%
Real Madrid/Atletico Madrid 29.00Popularity 12%
Draw/Real Madrid 4.10Popularity 12%
Draw/Draw 7.00Popularity 0%
Draw/Atletico Madrid 11.00Popularity 6%
Atletico Madrid/Real Madrid 17.00Popularity 59%
Atletico Madrid/Draw 13.00Popularity 0%
Atletico Madrid/Atletico Madrid 8.50Popularity 0%
Soccer: Will there be more or less than 1.5 goals after 90 minutes (plus injury time).
Over 1.5 1.14Popularity 85%
Under 1.5 5.00Popularity 15%
Soccer: Will there be more or less than 2.5 goals after 90 minutes (plus injury time).
Over 2.5 1.40Popularity 73%
Under 2.5 2.30Popularity 27%
Soccer: Will there be more or less than 3.5 goals after 90 minutes (plus injury time).
Under 3.5 1.57Popularity 60%
Over 3.5 2.10Popularity 40%
Soccer / Copa Del Rey

MADRID, SPAIN-The Copa Del Rey represents the last chance for Real Madrid to win silverware under Jose Mourinho this season and the Special One will certainly be looking to do that on Saturday. This Madrid Derby sees the up and coming Atletico take on the Galacticos and the fierce rivalry will reach it's height on the pitch as they battle it out for the Spanish Cup. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Falcao will pitch their wits against each other with the bookies reckoning that the boys in white will snatch it. However, as seen on Wednesday in the Europa League, these matches usually go to the wire and anyone can win. In addition, it is worth noting that while Atletico have a terrible record against Real in Derby match ups, they have beaten them three out of four times before at this stage of the Copa del Rey in the past. The match starts on the 17th May at 19:30 UTC.

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