World Cup 2022 - Winner

2022-12-18 15:00:00 - Starts in 129 Days.
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Soccer: The result of the match after 90 minutes (including injury time).
Tennis: Player that progresses to the next round (Bets void if no tennis is played).
Cricket (Twenty20): The Winner Wins! In Twenty20 the super over decides the winner.
Brazil 5.00Popularity 25%
France 5.50Popularity 0%
England 6.00Popularity 0%
Argentina 8.50Popularity 13%
Spain 8.50Popularity 0%
Germany 10.00Popularity 25%
Belgium 11.00Popularity 13%
Netherlands 11.00Popularity 0%
Portugal 11.00Popularity 0%
Any other team 26.00Popularity 0%
Denmark 26.00Popularity 0%
Croatia 41.00Popularity 0%
Uruguay 41.00Popularity 0%
Senegal 67.00Popularity 0%
Wales 67.00Popularity 0%
Mexico 81.00Popularity 0%
Poland 81.00Popularity 0%
Serbia 81.00Popularity 0%
USA 81.00Popularity 0%
Cameroon 151.00Popularity 0%
Japan 151.00Popularity 0%
South Korea 151.00Popularity 0%
Tunisia 151.00Popularity 0%
Ghana 201.00Popularity 0%
Morocco 201.00Popularity 0%
Australia 251.00Popularity 0%
Canada 251.00Popularity 0%
Costa Rica 301.00Popularity 0%
Iran 301.00Popularity 0%
Qatar 301.00Popularity 0%
Saudi Arabia 301.00Popularity 0%
World Cup / 2022 world cup

Event : World Cup 2022 - Winner

Event Date: 21st November, 2022 to 18th December, 2022

Venue: Qatar

Current Champion: France

IndiaBet Verdict: Brazil is India Bet's Favorite.

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