Matka Games

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a very simple card game played in India, it is also known as Katti. The odds of winning at Andar Bahar are 50/50. The dealer cuts a card from a standard...


Baccarat is undoubtedly one of the oldest card games in the world and in many ways it is also one of the easiest to play. That simplicity has made it extremely popular...

Indian Dice

Indian dice is a very simple game. It involves the use of five dice which are thrown and bet on. The betting is similar to that of poker with the possible winning hands...

Indian Rummy

Rummy is an enormously popular game in India. It is seen by many as the national game of India and people's love for the game is a cultural trait that transcends the...

Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is a gambling game which involves rolling a number of dice, usually six, and betting on which faces will show up. There are six different icons that appear...

Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven is a very easy card game. It involves a pack of cards with all the cards above the number seven removed. The cards are then shuffled and then seven cards are...


Play Matka now online! Visit our Classic Matka page and start betting. Matka is a very popular game in Mumbai and in Gujarat. It originated as a game called Ankadar...


Passa is a special dice game, where the dice do not take the form of ordinary dice and have just four sides. The sides represent a one, a three, a four and a six. One...


Rummy is a very popular game played throughout India. You can play with up to ten players, 2-6 players play with 2 packs of cards and if you play with seven or more...


Sequence is a poker game which is very similar to 7 card stud poker. The dealing and betting is exactly the same. The difference is that there are wild cards. If the...


Sweep is a card game which is played in the North of India. The game requires two teams of two who sit in the same formation as one does when playing bridge. The game...

Teen Pathi

Otherwise known as Three Cards, Teen Pathi is almost identical to the game Three Card Brag. In the game an original stake is agreed upon and all players pay the stake...


Teer is a form of archery played in the Indian state of Maghalaya. The archery is bet on in a similar way to how Matka is bet on. The game sees a number of archers fire...


  • Ali Motie (2012-08-03 08:01:45)

    Andar bahar

  • kshitij (2012-09-16 04:36:47)


  • AMIT @WINNER (2012-09-18 08:52:02)

    andar bahar

  • nitin1990 (2012-09-24 21:18:25)

    andar bahar

  • santosh65 (2013-09-07 08:37:28)

    how deposite and withdrawal cash

  • suman raj (2013-01-06 05:04:13)

    hai friends,
    how to add cash and how to withdraw amount from this site to my bank account?

  • hackersgang (2013-03-26 18:05:08)

    buddy this site is not a cash wining

  • anan (2013-08-25 12:42:03)


  • Shaikh 9530 (2013-08-28 08:41:59)

    kalyan me open kya aayega.

  • PRAKASH28 (2013-10-28 07:47:42)

    KALYAN OPEN 134 -8

  • shaank24 (2014-01-13 03:13:10)

    kalyan me aj kya ayega

  • Raj Baba (2014-03-18 07:12:29)

    Bhai kalyan open de sakta hai

  • sohansan (2014-04-25 09:55:32)

    any has won a cell phn!

  • Raj Baba (2014-04-26 03:44:38)

    Hiiii bhai kalyan open milega kiya

  • Raj Baba (2014-04-26 03:43:32)

    Sohan bhai mujhe do na kalyan open

  • sudhan (2014-04-29 05:16:24)

    everybody please suggest me
    where can i play matka online legally?

  • Raj Baba (2014-05-01 09:08:42)

    Kalyan game
    1 - 6

  • c.kashiram (2015-01-19 07:52:26)

    Ajk open kalyan kai

  • chinmay999 (2014-05-19 07:48:31)


  • BabbanSir (2014-07-27 07:20:43)

    raj baba and sudhan bhai contact me i will tell u all about matka

  • Satta kalyan (2014-08-05 19:06:44)

    Sat. Opn =9=
    pair 91
    friday fix opn =1=
    current wk..

  • Satta kalyan (2014-08-06 08:09:39)

    opn ank 8#7##
    #3#2 today's

  • c.kashiram (2015-01-19 07:55:12)

    Ajk opn kalyan kai

  • mohit rajput (2014-10-07 14:14:13)

    Hi friends

  • MANOJ116 (2014-11-23 03:04:27)

    Any code?

  • c.kashiram (2015-01-18 04:23:31)

  • c.kashiram (2015-01-19 01:05:36)


  • c.kashiram (2015-02-16 01:42:43)

    K 03 04 93 45

  • robin(l@lu) (2015-02-09 04:02:18)

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    Mujhe pen drive magani hai

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    Sumit patel

  • Vikas sarataliya (2015-04-13 16:54:09)


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